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To travel to India, all those who are not Indian citizens need a visa. You will normally have to apply for the visa 2 to 4 weeks before the trip. If you combine another country with the India Trip, for example, India – Nepal – India you need a multiple-visa which allows you to travel in and out multiple times.
Read how to apply for E-Visa.

How much tip should I give?

If you want you can reward the staff with tips, but how much is appropriate? Of course, you do not have to tip, but there are a few customers who ask us how much tip matches to the circumstances. If you were satisfied with the service of your guide or driver, a tip of 5 to 9 euros per day is fine at the end of the trip. However, you should also pay attention that we have already paid the drivers enough, despite that you can see tips in India as a friendly gesture. If you have been in a restaurant, you can consider how much you want to give yourself. You can tip them by Indian Rupees or Euros, in India, the currency is INR (Indian Rupees). 1 Euro is about 74 INR.

Vaccinations & Advice to Health

So that you have something for all cases, we strongly recommend a travel pharmacy, where not only your personal medication should be included, but also tools such as insect repellent, patches, disinfectant spray and remedies for complaints of your intestine. In India, you should strictly refrain from tap water and prefer to drink bottled water or filtered water offered by the hotel. Avoid going to public toilets. We recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor and have everything thoroughly checked again and the advice you need for vaccinations.

Recommendation for your safety

India is a country where no major violent crime prevails, but you should urgently follow our tips.

Tip 1: In the evening you should not be moving alone. If you want to go out, the chauffeur drives you to your destination.
Tip 2: Leave your valuables such as passport, jewellery, room key o.s. never unattended alone, valuables can be stored in the room safe or at the reception.
Tip 3: Do not move in crowds, do not run away without telling your chauffeur.
Tip 4: Take care nobody can remove your backpack or something like that on the way.

Peculiarities of India

You will realise soon after your arrival that the Indian people are very interested in you, someone may stare at you, ask where you come from or personal questions. This is not meant harmful and is considered polite there; the people are a bit fascinated by the western world. Sometimes when you see freeloaders and cows on the streets or the power goes out, it can be very special to you, but this is a typical life there.


Even the dress code plays a vital role in India, but this time for you. For Indians, it can seem very strange when people are dressed very openly. We recommend that you dress like this: Do not wear short pants or skirts, it is best to cover your shoulders. In the cold regions of India and the monsoon season, you should have warm clothes with you. In the temples, you should not be lightly dressed, this is a very respectful place, in some temples you have to take off your shoes, so it would be helpful to have a pair of socks with you. In the luxurious hotels (similar to Oberoi, Leela or TAJ) it would be good if you are not very open-minded or with open shoes. It can be very good if you take a folding-fan or, despite the heat, have a thin scarf with you because it can happen, that when it rains, it is a bit cooler. In the national parks, it is very cold in the early morning.